Chow Sang Sang

Chow Sang Sang

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In 1973 Chow Sang Sang became a listed public company, the first gold, and jewelry business to do so, with the Stock Code of 116. It is one of the jewelry retailers in Greater China best known for its attention to corporate governance, its warm and earnest customer service, and its insistence on product quality. Its vision is to be a jewelry brand of the highest standing with impeccable taste, the first choice of shoppers. The kingpin of Chow Sang Sang¡¯s strategies for brand development and management is that it should own and operate every one of its shops. There it has never entered into any licensing or franchising arrangements on its name. At the end of July 2017, Chow Sang Sang has 398 stores in mainland China covering more than 110 cities, 68 in Hong Kong, 25 in Taiwan, and 4 in Macau. Some of these stores are operating under the name Emphasis Jewellery. With a total workforce of over 8,000, Chow Sang Sang¡¯s turnover in 2016 exceeded HK$16.0 billion.

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